Malapascua Island with its white Bounty Beach, the turquoise blue water and abundant coconut palmtrees comes close to the cliché of a tropical paradise. Many people travel here to enjoy sun, warm sea, delicious food and the fiendly philippino atmosphere. Swimming and snorkelling are excellent. Those looking for more action have the choice of a number of activities. Main attractions are island hopping and scuba diving.

Exploring the island
Malapascua is a rather small island, about 2.5 km long and 1 km wide. There are no roads nor cars and surrounding the island by foot takes about three hours. Just follow the beachline, which will lead you to tiny fishing villages with friendly inhabitants and lonely bays. Shell collectors may find their paradise here. The lighthouse is located on the opposite side of the island and when the air is clear the view from its tower reaches across the neighboring islands of Leyte, Biliran and Maripipi until the mountains of Samar.


Island hopping
Hiring a banca, that is a local outrigger boat, for a day will make some of the remoter places around Malapascua accessible. Several small islands with excellent snokeling can be found and quite often the boat will be accompanied by dolphins and even wales on times. One possible destination is Calanggaman, about 75 minutes by boat. With its large sandbank, the many coconut trees and the unreal blue colour of the water it comes very close to the dream picture of a tropical island paradise. Snorkelling and swimming are excellent. Besides some private rangers very few people inhabit Calanggaman, whose lives have not changed a lot during the past decades. You might be able to buy a fish for your lunch. Other possible dream islands are Carnasa with its lush vegetation or the more distant Maripipi with its huge and scenic vulcano. On Calanggaman also a likewise simple and romantic overnight stay is possible. All trips may be booked and arranged through Hippocampus, prices are available on request (depend on destination, number of persons travelling and food, anything from a packed lunch to a luxurious, romantic beach dinner is available).