Malapascua is part of the central Philippine Visaya Region with a tropical climate and temperatures between 25 and 33°C throughout the year. Water temperatures change from a low of 25 – 26 °C in January/February to a high of 28 – 29°C in April/May. Unlike the typical monsoon climate in other parts of the country there is no distinct monsoon rainy season on the island. February to May however are mostly sunny and dry with only occasional rain showers. During the rest of the year Malapascua receives regular rains, but these normally do not last long. During the wetter months from June to October the island typically sees short, heavy afternoon downpours which last an hour or an hour and half with plenty of sunshine before and after. Occasionally a passing tropical storm may cause 2 or 3 cloudy and windy days with plenty of rain.



The main tourist season is from October to May with peaks around Christmas and Easter, but clear air, flowering vegetation, very colourful sunsets and excellent diving conditions during the rest of the year make Malapascua a year-round holiday destination.